The Sleeping Float

Summer_pics Just thought you would like to know that the Boppy also doubles as a "sweeping fwoat."  Elijah has thoroughly enjoyed all the new baby items around the house.  I found him playing with the boppy today.  After he got over the fact that he could not put the cover on himself and "zip it down" he decided that it was his sleeping float.

Summer_pics_229 Elijah also enjoyed some leisurely reading in the office the other night.  I have no idea where he found this pamphlet, but his daddy sure was proud to seem him "reading it."

I pwayed da symbals.

Summer_pics_222_2 Elijah started preschool about three weeks ago and we couldn’t be more happy.  His favorite things to talk about are the pway-ga-wound (playground) the symbals (cymbals) and the ge-emm (the gym, for some reason, always two sylables).  This is a picture of him on his first day (yes, my cable is up and running, although I still have yet to see the one from Japan.)  Steven arranged his morning so that we could both take him.  We were about 10 minutes early that day (and not another day since unfortunately for me and my time issues).

My favorite thing is how much he loves it and how well he is learning to follow simple directions: doing what the whole class is doing whether is is snack time or instrument time or whatever.  He does some type of art every time too.  It is also really fun for him to come home singing songs that I know I didn’t teach him.  Today I heard him singing "Do you know the muffin man" in the hallway at the top of his lungs.

An update on baby Graham… he is still not here.  I think Elijah is sick to death of hearing about this so called person who he has yet to see.  I am feeling good.  I have been so blessed this week by great friends who are truly taking care of me.  Tomorrow the 7 day count down begins. 

My Winnings

Recently I have gotten into eBay.  I know this is a dangerous place to roam on the internet.  It all started when I when in search of a shark costume.  Yes, of course, Elijah decided he wants to be a shark for Halloween.  I started asking him like a month ago because I did not want to get stuck without a costume and driving all over Charlotte with a newborn baby looking for a shark costume.

So I found one online that was pretty pricey.  Then I found it used on eBay.  A used Halloween costume is practically brand new considering the other kid only wore it once (unless you are like my sister’s kids and you play with your costumes year round and plan what you are going to be for the next Halloween all year long).  So I had "the winning bid."  The costume came in the mail and it absolutely precious.  I had to pry it off of my son and hide it in a closet so he did not ruin it before he could wear it on Halloween.

Next I decided that I better order a camera USB cable.  Mine has been missing for about 2 months now (why there are no recent pictures on my blog).  I tried really hard to wait until it showed up because I was pretty sure some little hands had just stashed it somewhere but with baby Graham coming soon, I decided I needed to bite the bullet.  So I went to where the cable was like 15-20$.  I decided to see what I could find on eBay.  Wouldn’t you know it, some guy in Japan had one for $1 brand new.  The shipping was $5 but still total price was still way below ordering a cable from the company (and of course, my camera can’t use the universal cord, just in case you were wondering, I did try that).  So I have yet to see this purchase but since it is coming from Japan, I will give it a few more days.  What you should know is just this weekend I found Elijah playing with the original cord.  No joke.  I have no clue where he had it all this time.  That is a whole other post.  Well now I have two (or soon).

Well this post is getting long but there is more… today I "won" a stroller.  I have to interject.  The reason I keep putting win in quotes is because my husband says that it is terrible that they call your purchases a win.  He says that you are never winning when you spend money.  This is true, but what about when you are saving money?

Red_stroller My stroller is brand new and half the price of buying it from Target or BabiesRUs (with shipping included).  I figure if I don’t like it I can make money by reselling it on Craigslist, my other small addiction.

Only Craigslist really is a win because usually I am selling, not buying (my Graco stroller that I used for Elijah is currently listed, we’ll see if I can break even with my eBay purchase).

PS.  My friend Gina posted about Craigslist today.  Buy a sling from her (see her left side bar).  You will love it.  I will post about her slings later.

Things the OB says that mean nothing…

I am now 38 weeks and 4 days along in my pregnancy.  Thursday, I went for my appointment.  This was a well anticipated one because the doctor was going to "check me." 

I find certain things amusing like the question "how are you feeling?"  Lots of thoughts fly through my head like "compared to what?"  Or are you having any contractions or tightening, well "I hurt all over, does that count?"

Then I find them saying things like "ooh, he looks like he has dropped."  Again, means nothing.  You can walk around with a "dropped" baby for 2 weeks.

Ok so then we have the "You are dilated almost 1 cm and 70% effaced."  Please.  Don’t bother even telling me.  With some women, this happens a month before the have their baby, with others, a day.  This is not encouraging news, what I wanted to hear was, "Wow, you are dilated to 4 cm, go home, pack your bag and meet me at the hospital."  I know they really don’t know and can’t tell you.  This post is nothing against doctors and nurses. 

The fact of the matter is I wake up every morning sad that I am still in my own bed which is no longer comfortable especially when there is a two year old crawling all over me while he is watching Dora, playing with my hair and yelling "the map!".  The hospital, although accompanied with great pain, just sounds so inviting right now.

Don’t take this post to mean I am so miserable.  I am trying to place a little bit of humor on the not so humorus situation that I am in.  I actually have been more taken care of by great friends than I ever could have imagined.  From people bringing me meals to helping watch Elijah, all week, it has been unbelievable.  I am so blessed to have so much support.  I feel ready to tackle the last 9 days of my pregnancy.  Unless of course I can convince the OB to schedule and induction for me next week, then maybe less than 9 days (see this is where I get in trouble).

Reason Part 2: The illusion of choice

Several months ago a friend of mine was telling me about a book she was reading.  Isn’t it funny how when you have kids you glean form other people’s cliff notes of books they are reading??

Anyway, the book was talking about giving "choice" to your toddler.  Now before I had a child of my own I would have said something like, "Choice to a toddler, they can’t make choices.  I am in charge.  I will tell them what to do."  However the phrase "choose your battles" is more my motto now.  As a parent I am realizing that I just can’t make everything a battle of the wills or I will go crazy.  When there is a battle, I intend to win, but I think having a child who is rather strong willed makes me analyze a situation and decide if I want to fight.

I say all this to bring you to the technique my friend was telling me about…  I have started to give Elijah a "choice."  It goes something like this…

If we are outside playing and I am ready to go in (yes, for those of you who really know me, you know I do not prefer the outdoors) I say, "Elijah, do you want to go inside now, or in two minutes?"  He of course always chooses the two minute option.  BUT, 9 times out of 10, when the "two minutes" (mom code for less than 10 minutes because they have no concept of time anyway) is up, he is compliant and goes inside without a scene or fit.

Same when it is time for bath.  "Elijah, do you want to go upstairs now to take your bath or in two minutes?"  He chooses two minutes but when I say the time is up, he usually starts up the stairs without question.

If he does not follow through with his choice, then we have consequences for disobedience.  Right now, this is working and it makes my day so much easier and when you are nine months pregnant, any added ease is very welcome.

Soldier not ready for training

Sunday night I changed Elijah’s diaper about an hour before his bath time.  I really didn’t want to waste a diaper when we were so close to bath time so I decided to put some training underwear on Elijah.


Can I just say that my son is totally oblivious to his bodily functions.  The only interest he has in bathrooms is going in them in a restaurant because he is bored sitting at the table.  Oh and occasionally he likes to put things in the potty that don’t belong there like bath toys.

As I was putting the underwear on him we had a conversation that went something like this…

Me: Elijah, these are big boy underwear and you if you want to wear them, you can’t pee-pee in them.  You have to tell mommy if you need to go potty.

Elijah: I will not pee-pee.

Me: OK, you will tell mommy if you need to go pee-pee, do you understand

Elijah: Yes.

Elijah showed Steven his underwear and then I guess you could say we all just forgot that he had them on.  I think I asked him once if he needed to potty.  I am sure you have guessed it by now… less than an hour later, Elijah’s underwear were wet and he didn’t even seem to notice.  Before we could even get upstairs to get in the bath, they were dirty too.  Nice end to the evening for me. 

Today I was at Chic-Fil-A with two good friends and their kids (Thank you Lord for nice weather again!!).  I watched a little boy on the playground who obviously need to use the bathroom but would not leave the playground and his dad wouldn’t make him (I thought about how they were going to go home wet).  I thought about how annoying it must be to take your kid to the bathroom every 5 minutes when you are potty training.  I have a small aversion to public restrooms and really only use them when I am pregnant or if I really need to go.  I am really not looking forward to potty training my child who thoroughly enjoys touching all the shiny things in a public bathroom.

So I think I will put the training pants away for a while.  No rush.  I am not ready for my baby to be a soldier anyway.

The ice age…

Ok so my obsession with ice has increased somewhat.  I have really started to enjoy chewing ice while we watch TV at night (yes, still watching 24).  I usually go through two full cups in one sitting.  I guess it is better to chew on ice than M&Ms each night?

So Saturday I came home from running a few errands to find that my husband had bought me a bag of ice from Sonic.  Someone commented on my blog that they have that good ice that the hospital has and that they sell it.  Steven read that and decided to get me some.  I have eaten about half the bag.  I am laughing at myself for even admitting this to such a large audience.

The sweetest thing is that Saturdays are very stressful for my husband.  He usually goes to the office from lunch time to dinner time to pray and put last minute touches on his message.  He usually comes home in a very serious mood (that is why he takes off Fridays).  So it was very special to me that he thought to buy me ice on his way home.  What a great guy.

Funny thought… My husband’s goal is to have his blog up for all his readers by 9 am each morning.  I guess this is because most of his readers check their blogs first thing at work.  My goal is to have mine up between 1-2, during nap time, because I know that is when most of my readers are checking blogs.


I never thought I would lavish the day when I was able to bribe my son.  I shouldn’t use the word bribery, the correct term is positive reinforcement.

It is such a milestone as a parent to come to the place where you can reason with your child.

Case in point: This week I decided to take Elijah with me to my OB appointment(complicated to explain why).  With most children, you would think, "big deal."  Not mine.  He just has a knack for getting into everything and I don’t want to deal with it at the doctor’s office.  So I sat Elijah in the umbrella stroller and told him if he was good, and stayed in the stroller, we would get a milkshake afterwords.  I needed only to remind him a few times of the milkshake and he did great.  No screaming to get out.  No throwing toys just to watch others pick them up, and most of all, no running around the office.

I could care less that he spilled the milkshake twice on the way home (neither was a  huge mess).  I could care less that it was 4 pm and he didn’t eat a very good dinner.  All I cared about is that he behaved and was peaceful.

Can I also say how wonderful it is to say "Do you need to go to your bed until you can stop crying?" and he says "no" and dries up the fake tears. 

Yes, the ability to reason is my favorite milestone accomplishment in my child’s life.  It is better than seeing him take his first steps for me.

Am I ready?

I realize it has been several days since my last post.  No, I have not had the baby.  I wish.  Or I don’t wish, I don’t know it depends on what I am thinking about at the moment. 

If I am thinking about the fact that my body can barely make it through a full day.  That none of my clothes fit anymore, or that I am sick of going to the bathroom every five minutes, then yes, I wish I had had this baby already.

If I am thinking about the fact that I have not washed a stitch of baby clothing, that I have yet to bring my bassinet up to the bedroom, and that I will have double the amount of children to care for once this baby comes out, then no, I am so glad the baby is still inside.  I must say that there are a lot more reasons for the baby to stay in than to come out.  Come to think of it, I don’t have one pack of newborn size diapers.

I am thankful that it has cooled down in the last few days.  I am also really thankful that Elijah has taken a nap every day this week.  He gave me a little scare last week when he became defiant and refused not only to sleep, but also to stay in his room.  We won’t even discuss what those days were like for me.

I will tell you one silly thing I am looking forward to about going into labor… hospital ice.  The past few weeks I have discovered the deliciousness of crushed ice.  Yes, deliciousness.  It helps with my thirst but also limits my restroom visits.  Sometimes I really think about that good ice that they have at the hospital and how I can’t wait to have an unlimited supply of it.  This is absurd, I know.

6:45 am Friday

Up until last week, Elijah would play in his bed until one of us came to get him in the mornings.  For some reason he has come to the conclusion that he no longer needs to wait for us. 

Friday morning, at 6:45 we awoke to this in the hallway outside our door:

"Hewwo?" (sounding rather scared)


"Hewwo?  Is anybody dare?"

The funniest part to my husband is "is anybody dare."  Like Elijah has ever woken up one day of his life without anyone there.  Where do they come up with this stuff?