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The Myth of the Sippy Cup

Before I had a child I thought that because sippy cups are "spill proof" that they are also drip/leak proof.  Here are a few things I have learned (the hard way) about sippy cups…

  • If you don’t screw the top on right, they leak
  • If you don’t get the in valve tight (the plastic ones like Gerber), it will fall out when your child throws drops it down or bangs it on the table
  • If you leave it laying on its side, it may leak
  • If you buy the soft nipple (like Nuby) your child can stick his finger in the nipple thus making it extremely un-leak proof

Maybe sippy cups are just not great for boys (although they are better than the alternative of a cup with no top).  One day I surveyed my carpet and realized my carpet looked like it had juice showered on it.  Elijah has been notorious for just leaving his cup lying wherever he happened to be finished with it.

So my remedy: I am mainly using Playtex cups.  They rubber valves stay in the best and they seem to leak the least.  I am also trying to re-train my child to leave cups sitting upright when he is not drinking out of them (a novel thought, I know).  Oh yeah, I had my carpets cleaned too. 

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She just couldn’t take “no” for an answer

Ok so I need to vent for a minute…  Can I just say that I hate when a sales clerk tries to get me to save money by applying for a credit card. 

You see, I am a bargain shopper.  I want to get everything at the best deal possible.  It is very tempting for me when I am about to buy something and I can get an extra __% off.  The thing is my husband and I don’t use credit cards.  Not for sky miles, special discounts or gift cards.  We use our bank debit cards for all purchases so that we can track our spending but in the words of my wise husband "we should never get in the mindset that it pays to spend money."

So picture me at the Red Dot sale at Belk two Saturdays ago.  Here I am, in the men’s sections hurriedly browsing through the clearance (hurriedly because I had a two year old in the stroller who does not particularly like the men’s section of Belk).  Along comes nice sales lady…

SL: Ma’am, could I interest you in saving an extra __% by applying for a Belk card.

Me: No thanks.  (Still looking through some shirts for Steven’s size.)

SL: But you don’t have to be approved in order to receive the discount.

Me: Yes, but I will get approved and my husband would not like it if I came home with a credit card.  Do you guys carry size smalls, I can’t find any?  Elijah, here’s your book, we won’t be here long.

[The lady tries to help me look for a minute]

SL: Are you sure I can’t help you get a Belk card, you will save a lot.

Me: (I know this was rude, picture it in a sweet tone) No, but you can help me find a size small.  Elijah, we are almost done.  If you are good, we can get a milkshake!

[The lady looks for a minute and then goes in search of another target.  A few minutes later,  there she was ready to help me check out.  I had four shirts.]

SL: Now you will save an extra $___ if you apply for a credit card.

Me: No thank you.  Elijah, if I hold you, you will not get a milkshake…

Can I just say that I was so annoyed.  I understand that they must get some kind of commission from credit card applications but really, four times??  And why do I have to feel like the rude one when I am trying to refuse?

I once had a girl at Children’s Place promise me that she would change a number and I wouldn’t be approved but would I please apply.  I succumbed to the temptation and saved an extra $4 only to get approved!!!  Then I had to go through the hassle of canceling the card.

No wonder why Americans have so much debt. 

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A great laugh

Ok, I am having one of those days where I am "cleaning house."  In reality I have wasted my son’s nap time checking blogs and sending emails. 

So I came across MJ’s comment (see side bar) and decided to check out her blog.  She lead me to this link.  I have spent the past 15 minutes reading and laughing hysterically.  You really need to read this lady’s ebay listing.  In her description she talks about grocery shopping with her 6 children.  Very funny.  Somebody needs to tell her about online grocery shopping (see my previous post).

Ok, I am really going to vacuum now.

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Ice Man

This morning when I fixed Elijah his milk (in a cup) I fixed myself a cup of ice water with crushed ice.  I left Elijah my the bed, drinking his milk and watching TV.  I took my water from the night stand and put it on the bathroom counter (where I thought it was safe from being spilled).

A few minutes later he came into the bathroom.  He played with my hair dryer.  He got into the dirty clothes and put one of my tank tops around his neck.  He was in and out of the bathroom, playing and watching TV in the bedroom.  The next time he came into the bathroom, he had a huge chunk crushed in his had.  I looked on the counter and my cup was gone.  I said "Elijah, where is mommy’s water, did you spill it?"  He replied, "I did not spill it!"  (with a rather defensive tone).

When I got out of the shower I found the cup upright on the floor, still full of water.  There are patches of melted ice all over the carpet.  I tried to clean most of it up but I keep stepping on random pieces of crushed ice.

One more thing.  This morning, just after I got Elijah out of bed he said this to me (I promise, this is not exaggerated).

"Mommy, I will not hit you and I will not hit Daddy and I will not hit Shannon and I will not hit Ewwa (Ella) and I will not hit anyone."

I think it is going to be a good day.

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Brand Names

My sister blogged the other day about the dramatic difference in Cascade dishwasher detergent and the cheaper detergents.

This got me thinking.  Isn’t it funny how we all have stuff we swear by?  Like for instance, I buy cheap paper towels unless Bounty is on sale.  My mother-in-law once told me that she has to have Bounty.  My mother almost always buys Ziplock brand plastic bags. I know others who swear by Tide laundry detergent and Pledge furniture polish.

I personally do not try to save money when it comes to diapers.  A few leaky diapers caused me to be a die hard Huggies fan.  I liked Pampers when Elijah was tiny but as he grew there was something about Huggies that seemed to hold up under the most intense circumstances (if you know what I mean). 

So what do you swear by?  Leave a comment.  I am so interested to hear this.

(I do need to leave a disclaimer… Because of people who have nothing better to do than to harass me with rude comments, which I have had to delete, I now have to monitor comments on this blog.  You can now comment as usual but there will be a short delay in your post.)

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Giving up the bottle

Elijah was a challenging baby.  He refused to take a bottle until he was 9 months old.  Soon after he was weened and I was relieved to no longer be the only source of comfort for him.  When Elijah switched from formula to milk, he only wanted it out of the bottle.

Soon he was down to just a bottle before bed and one first thing in the morning.  As we neared his second birthday, he insisted on having his milk in a bottle (now only first thing in the morning).  Even though he had been drinking out of a cup for over a year, he would only drink juice and water out of it.  Milk had to be in a bottle.  So there I was going back and forth over whether I should take the bottle away, but worried he would stop drinking milk.  I could just see him at age 3 still having a morning bottle of milk.

I decided not to fight the battle.  Well thank the Lord for characters on sippy cups because Saturday morning, Elijah decided he wanted his milk in his Cars cup.  I told him what a big boy he was and I think he liked that because every morning since, the milk has been in a cup. 

My niece is 2 1/2 and still "needs" her passy to sleep.  My sister, Emily, had limited the passy to bed time only but recently she tried to cut a hole in the passy.  This was quite traumatic for my niece and Emily decided not to push the issue.  Emily told me the other day that Hattie decided she didn’t need the passy one night.  I think they have had a handful of passy-less nights since then. 

Isn’t it funny how sometimes as parents we just have to let them give up their securities on their own.  I think a lot of times we worry and compare our children with their peers.  We think if they will never potty train or give up their passy or eat with a fork and not their hands.  In reality, I don’t know any adults (without disability of course) who are not potty trained and who eat with their hands and get food all over their face (ok, maybe a few of the latter when I was in college).

Comparisons can really consume you.  As a parent, I always want to to check my motives and make sure I am not pushing my child prematurely into something he is not ready to do just because he seems to be "too old for it".  While I might have success, the process may be drawn out quite torturous for everyone involved.  Of course balance is the key and I know that there are times (and certain temperaments of children) who need to be pushed out of the "nest" because they will never take the step on their own.

Right now I will end by saying I am just glad I will not have to deal with bottles for two children come October.

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Pampered Me

Yesterday was a great day.  Since my husband usually goes to the office on Saturdays to put last minute touches on his message and pray, he takes off Fridays to spend with Elijah and I.

Yesterday I happened to have one of my quite frequent OB visits.  Steven decided he wanted to take Elijah to the movies and give me the rest of the morning.  So while Steven and Elijah pigged out on popcorn and diet soda (Please do not email me about my child drinking soda.  They shared a drink, it was cheaper.) at the dollar movies, I cashed in my mother’s day pedicure gift certificate and read an entire People magazine (that I asked to take from the Dr.’s office since it was 2 weeks old).  What a great morning.  What a great husband.

Today Elijah and went to Southpark to return my shoe that broke at my favorite shoe store, Aerosoles.  (Yes, I returned a shoe that I had worn a few times.  That is why it is my favorite shoe store, and that is why I keep all of my receipts, thank you mom.)  And wouldn’t you know it, they were having a great sale.  Tons of great summer shoes marked down to $19.99 and $29.99.  There is nothing like a new pair of shoes for a woman who is 8 months pregnant and has a fresh pedicure.

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Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Earlier today I picked up groceries from Lowe’s foods.  Along with my groceries, they gave Elijah two M&M cookies.  I told him he could eat them after supper.  After nap, he ate his snack of fruit and we discussed over and over when he could eat the cookies.  I left the cookies on the bar for after dinner.

So, I have been typing my blog entry for the last 20 minutes.  Elijah was downstairs watching Barney, or so I thought…

As I was typing, I heard him change the channel, causing that "snow" channel to appear with its loud noise.  Then I heard him come up the stairs and into the office.  He came into the room announcing, "I change the channel and ate cookies."

Hand in hand we went downstairs to see what he had done.  Sure enough, at the bottom of the stairs were two half eaten cookies.  Around the corner I saw an empty plastic bag and a TV screen with nothing on it.

I turned off the TV and had a heart to heart with my son followed by a little discipline.  Looking at his cookie covered mouth made it hard for me to keep a straight face.  This premeditated disobedience is new for me.

You will have to wait until tomorrow to see what I was working before the cookie sneak decided to have his way.

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Pregnancy and Summer Heat

I have often talked with friends about how God installed some type of memory deletion in women about the negative parts of being pregnant.  For instance, my friend Amy has a 3 year-old.  When she was pregnant, shew threw up all the time.   She would have to leave church because she felt so bad.  She was also a school teacher at the time and would step out into the hallway to throw up, in the middle of teaching third-graders, then re-enter the classroom and continue.  A while back we had a conversation and she said something like, "Yeah I was sick but not that bad." 

God does this so we will have more than one child, I am convinced.  As I enter the 8-week count down to my due date, I often find myself asking Steven, "Did I feel this way with Elijah?"  To which he kind of rolls his eyes and replies, "yes!"

I treat the summer heat in the same way.  When it feels like winter is never going to end, I long for the warm days of summer.  But when I am in the midst of a heat wave, like we are right now, I think "surely it didn’t get this hot last summer?"

This week is an exception.  I know it did not reach 107 degrees last summer.  Thats what the temperature gage in Steven’s car read last night.

Today the experts are predicting a high of 104 degrees.  It is noon and my hands and feet are already throbbing with water retention.  I will look forward to Saturday when it is supposed to cool down to a high of 95 degrees! 

Maybe I will remember this heat come March when I am tired of wearing sweaters… probably not.

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I have now been tagged twice so here goes…

Four Jobs

  1. Kitchen worker at Retreat Center
  2. Cashier at mall store, Garden Botanika
  3. 5th Grade teacher
  4. 7th grade teacher

Four Places I Have Lived

  1. Miami, Fl
  2. Greenville, SC
  3. Boiling Springs, NC
  4. Charlotte, NC

Four Favorite Foods

  1. My Nana’s meatloaf
  2. Chicken Bryan (Carrabba’s)
  3. Pan Cheese Pizza from Pizza Hut
  4. Chicken Aoli from Wolfgang Puck

Four Favorite TV Shows

  1. Lost
  2. ER
  3. Amazing Race
  4. 24 (with my husband)

Four Places I Would Rather Be

  1. On a cruise with my husband
  2. Laying out on a beach on a not too hot day
  3. Eating out
  4. Shopping with some else’s money

Four Movies I Love

  1. Steel Magnolias
  2. Legally Blonde
  3. Gone With the Wind
  4. Shawshank Redemption

Four People I Tag Next
I hate to break the chain but all my blogging friends have already been tagged??

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