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After delivering friendship trays today, Amy, Ella, Austin, Elijah and I decided to stop for lunch at good old McDonald’s.

Whenever we eat there, we have to eat away from the playground so that Elijah will actually eat his food.  Today we finished eating and walked over to the playground.  We saw a sign on the door, "sorry, closed."  Elijah cried all the way out to the car.  Thats a pretty big disappointment for a 2 year old. 

When we got back in the car he said "Sowwy about da pwaygawound."  I guess I had said that in the restaurant. 

I am glad to know that we won’t be bringing any kid’s germs home with us today.  I hope it was closed for repairs as well as a good cleaning.

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Shark Party

Well the party went off without a hitch.  We had a Nemo theme with Bruce stickers on Elijah’s plate.  He was content.  He loved his cake (devil’s food with white icing and two shark figures on it).  And he loved all his presents.

Small parties are great for our family.  Maybe next year when Elijah can ask for certain friends we will have more kids but for now, I think it is less stressful for Elijah to be celebrated mostly by the adults he loves.

I went to upload pictures and could not find my cord for the computer.  I try really hard not to blame missing items on "little hands" but I have to say, Elijah’s track record of misplacing important things is not good.  Sorry, pictures will come sooner or later.

One last thing, Elijah only said "Where we goin?" once today.  Boy is that a relief.

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2 Years= A Lifetime Ago

Two years ago today I had a one day old baby.  It seems like a lifetime.  I thought I was fully prepared to be a mother.  I thought I had a decent idea of what to expect.  I was wrong.  Nothing turned out "right" but everything worked out perfect.  I read tons of books and had lots of strategies on raising a baby.  I guess the Lord decided that He would be my strategy in parenting.  Because that’s what happened.  My strategy became, "Lord help me."

I am a different person today than I was two years ago today.  I have read my bible less but grown so much closer to the Lord.  A friend of mine once said that the Christian life was like a bank.  You have periods where you are depositing (spending time with the Lord on a regular basis, memorizing scripture, praying consistently) and you have times where you are withdrawing (remembering that scripture and those truths in times of need).  The times of withdrawing are times of growth too, even though they don’t feel like it (as long as you don’t overdraw!).

Becoming a parent changes you forever.  The marks of parenthood are hand prints on your walls, dings in your furniture, bags under your eyes and stains on your clothes but they are also, hearts that are not so selfish, necks that are always hugged, eyes that are full of pride and knees worn from prayer.  I am so honored that God chose me to raise Elijah (and soon Graham).  It is a job I will not take lightly.

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24 and other nonsense

I just read my husband’s blog.  He talked about how we are working our way through the first season of 24.  I just have to defend myself (now this is the benefit of having my own blog).  He says that I keep falling asleep 15 minutes in to the episodes.  Can I just say that this is because he is addicted and cannot stop?  He would watch the whole season in two sittings if it weren’t for me to slow him down.  If we are watching the show in bed at 12:30 because it is our 3rd episode in one sitting, you are taking a big risk that I am not going to make through.  I really am enjoying the show (what I have watched and what Steven has told me about it :))  Sometimes I think that God placed me in Steven’s life for the purpose of slowing him down.  You need to pray for me.  This is not an easy task.

Update on shark plates… I found some shark stickers today.  I have one more day I plan to run some errands.  If I don’t find the plates, the stickers should get the job done.  It is just family coming over anyway.  Any time you ask Elijah about his birthday he says something to the effect of "…and we have shark plates!" 

Also, I realize that I never posted what we are going to name our new baby.  We have decided on Graham after Billy Graham.  We are still working on a middle name.  I have about 10 weeks left.  I plan to stay inside for most of this since being outside seems to be hotter than you know where.

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Great Summer Dessert: Strawberry Shortcake

I am not really a fruits and veggies lover.  In fact, I really don’t care for the three staple fruits that you can buy year round: apples, bananas (hate them) and oranges.  I do really enjoy some summer fruits.  I love peaches, strawberries, pineapple and seedless watermelon.  Other than those four, I don’t really want anything else, not cantaloupe, honey due melon, blueberries or the like.  I am really picky when it comes to this.  You will never see me at a shower with fruit salad on my plate, or veggies from the veggie tray for that matter.

My husband is not a fruit lover either.  He enjoys a good banana every now and then but doesn’t really seek out fruit for a snack.  And I can guarantee you that you won’t see fruit or veggies on his plate at a party.

The jury is still out on what Elijah likes.  His tastes and preferences change from week to week.  One thing is for sure, he could eat oatmeal for breakfast and macaroni and cheese for lunch and dinner every day.

What does this have to do with my recipe, absolutely nothing.  I just chased a rabbit a really long way.

Anyway, my husband and my friend Nicole would rather have this particular dessert than anything at any restaurant or bakery.  I made it last night so it is fresh on my mind.  Don’t tell them if comes from a box…

Strawberry Shortcake:


  • box of Bisquick
  • strawberries (normal size container)
  • cool whip
  • milk
  • sugar
  • butter

Cut strawberries into bite size pieces, put in a bowl.  Pour 3/4 cup sugar over the strawberries.  Set aside.  Stir to every now and then to get all berries covered.  (In case you didn’t know, sugar, pulls the juice out of the berries.  The longer you let this sit, the juicier they will become.)

Follow directions on Bisquick box for Strawberry Shortcake.  I think it calls for 2 and 1/3 cup of Bisquick, I use 2 cups and a few shakes (maybe 2-3 tablespoons).  This makes the shortcakes a little more moist.

Plop dough onto cookie sheet in biscuit sizes, follow baking instructions.

When shortcakes are done, spoon strawberries and cool-whip over warm cakes (Steven likes a double decker).  I promise, you will never use angel food cake or those little cupcakes near the strawberries again.

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Shark Plates

Elijah’s birthday is this coming Wednesday.  The following Saturday we are having a small birthday party with some family members.  A few days ago, I saw an ad where Party City was advertising an "Under the Sea" theme.  The ad also claimed to have "over 50 different character themed parties."  Thinking that they would surely have some party wares with sharks (still our current obsession) on them I asked Elijah this question, "What kind of plates do you want for your birthday?"

Can you see where this is heading?  He immediately replied "Shark plates!"  I said "Ok, lets go in this store and get some shark plates."  Why did I say that??

Of course the designer of "Under the Sea" did not feel the need to include sharks in the design.  Worse than that, they didn’t even have Nemo plates.  By this time, fish plates just would not do. 

After nap yesterday I tried to reason with Elijah.  I asked him if he would like Nemo plates and cups (they tracked them down at the store in Monroe) and shark cake.  To which my son replied that he wanted a shark cake, Nemo cups and shark plates.  Great.  Now I have to drive to Monroe and still track down some shark plates and make a shark cake.

I have since realized that it is no problem to order shark plates online IF I had ordered them a week ago.  I am not going paying a fortune for paper plates to be delivered here on time.

So today I am venturing to see if the old Wally World can save the day.  I will keep you posted.

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I wanna go see daddy

I have a goal to post every day this week.  My husband would tell me that I suck at blogging if he realized that I went almost 6 days between my last few posts.  He says I would have a lot more readers if I would post every day.  I don’t think posting 2x a day would get me even close to as many readers as he has.  Besides, if I posted too often, you would probably get bored of me.

Anyway.  You may not know that Steven and all the Elevation staff has been away since Tuesday.  They are on a "Staff Advance" because they don’t like the word retreat.  Here is a conversation I had with Elijah when he woke up from his nap…

Elijah: Where we goin?

Me: Nowhere, we are staying here today.

Elijah: Where we goin?

Me: Where do you want to go?

Elijah: I wanna go see daddy.

Me:  Daddy’s at work.

Elijah: I wanna go see daddy at work.  (We go visit the office sometimes)

Me:  Daddy is far away, he is not working at Elevation today.  We will see him tomorrow.

Elijah:  I wanna go see daddy.

Me:  We can’t go see daddy.

Elijah:  Where we goin?

Me:  Lets go downstairs.

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Home to stay

I know I have not posted in a while.  It has been a whirlwind the last 10 days.  I am happy to announce (and so is my tired body) that I am not traveling anywhere else this summer.  Elijah and I have been out of town 4 of the last 8 weeks.  We have been to three beaches (Daytona, Nags Head and Myrtle), four airports, several states (including North Dakota), several churches (a first in a long time), and seen almost every family member that we actually know (some near and some not so dear, ha ha). I am exhausted and so is he.

Elijah is also extremely confused.  He asks me 100 times a day "where we goin?"  As if we are supposed to go somewhere every second of the day.  I am hoping this will go away as we calm down.

So if you need me, I will be in Charlotte until Christmas.

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Coming Home

Well, tomorrow we are headed home.  The week has been crazy.  We have had such a great time.  We have been to the zoo, the local museum, the library ("ybee" as Elijah says), and the YMCA.

Elijah has been very stressed over knowing where we are going.  Every time we get in the car he says "Where we goin?" at least once a minute until we arrive at the destination.  When we leave the destination he says "We be back?"  I think he is very confused about where he is and how long he is staying.  On the way to the zoo the other day, everyone except Luke answered Elijah when he asked.  Hattie replied (one time when Emily and I continued talking over the question) "We goin to da zoo Yi-bee!"

So tomorrow we have a 3 hour ride to the airport (flying out of Fargo, not Bismarck).  If I think about it, I will tally how many times I have to tell him that we are going the airport.

We are so excited to get home to daddy.  This is the longest we have ever been away from him.

I promise to post picture of all of our adventures this summer soon.

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We made it!

Flying with Elijah was everything I hoped it would be and a little less.  I guess the worst part was how late we flew.  We did not get into Bismark until 12:30 am our time.  Elijah did not sleep a wink of the flight.  Since his bedtime is normally about 8pm, you can imagine his mood.  He was wound up tight.

The next day was a recovery day.  Elijah was extremely cranky but so glad to see his cousins, his "an Emmy" and "unca Jo Jo."

Today we went to the Dakota Zoo.  They have very different animals at this zoo, wolves and bears, no elephants or giraffes.  We rode the train and saw all kinds of animals.  Elijah’s favorite was the Crocodile trash can.  Go figure.

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