Oscar got trashed

For those of you who keep up with us I thought you would be interested to know that Elijah is no longer obsessed with Oscar the grouch and more importantly, trash cans.  He still likes to throw things away but now more like a normal toddler.

I feel like a normal parent these days.  Our current obsession is on the mild side (at least for Elijah).  We are all about sharks.  All of the movies we watch are sea movies, Finding Nemo, Little Mermaid and Shark Tales are on constant replay.  Of course, on Nemo and Little Mermaid, the shark scenes are our favorites.

Elijah also likes to look at books with pictures sharks.  He can identify a Great White shark and a Tiger shark along with some others that I never knew existed (and never cared to).  We have shark toys (thanks to Grammy and to the surf shop across the street) and Elijah likes to sing "du nuh, du nuh" (the Jaws theme song) while playing.

A fitting obsession for the summer which I will gladly take over visiting every trash can we walk by and looking for Oscar.

PS.  Elijah is all better (with a slight rash still visible).  He has "performed" on stage twice with daddy and I must say it is scary to watch him take control of a crowd just like his father.

Beach necessity

Like the new look of the blog?

Anyway, I don’t know where I was last summer when spray sunscreen was out but it is in my life now and here to stay.  I know it is expensive and not that much comes in each bottle but it is a gift from above.  I love spraying my family down in 60 seconds and walking out to the beach.  If you have not tried it, you should.  I found the most economical bottle at CVS.  Their store brand bottle is a lot bigger than the name brands and priced at $7.99.

We are having a great time tagging along with Daddy.  Our accomidations are great, the weather is perfect and the beach is beautiful.  It is nice to have so much of Steven’s attention.  Daytona Beach is so nice.  We are on a very quiet strip and throuroughly enjoying it.

PS.  Elijah is feeling and acting and sleeping so much better.  We are so thankful.  It is hard to see your baby suffer so much.  The sores are still in his mouth but even his eating has improved.  Thanks for your emails and prayers!


Elijah has been battling a case of shingles.  Yes, I said shingles as in the shingles that old people and people with serious illnesses get.  I read that only 5% of all cases of shingles occur in children under 15 and it is extremely rare in children under 3.  Nonetheless we have a clear case of shingles.

You are probably wondering what exactly shingles is.  Well here is my understanding… once you have had the chicken pox virus or vaccine, the virus lives dormant in your body for the rest of your life (just like the herpes virus).  When your immune system is suppressed or fighting something else and even sometimes if you are stressed, your body can allow you to have an outbreak of shingles.  You cannot catch shingles from anyone.  You can catch the chicken pox from someone who has shingles, but shingles is not nearly as contagious as chicken pox (you actually have to touch the rash).  It looks like a rash on one side of your body and is usually in a specific place.  It can be extremely painful but is usually less painful for children than for adults (or maybe adults are just bigger babies).  For children, it is usually over in 7 to 10 days.

Elijah’s rash happens to be on his face.  It looks a lot like poison ivy but specifically on his right side.  It started on Tuesday night and by Wednesday afternoon, we were at the doctor for a diagnosis.  Elijah actually had Strep throat and shingles.  The doctor seems to think the two were related in Elijah’s case.

So 2x a day, Elijah gets Amoxicillin for his strep, 3x a day, children’s Ibuprofen for pain, 4x a day, children’s Benadryl for itching, 4x a day Acyclovir for the shingles, and 2x an eye ointment to keep the virus from spreading into Elijah’s eye.  Needless to say it has been quite a week.

Elijah is in a good bit of pain, and as in all two year olds, it manifests itself in crankiness and a need for momma at all times.  Yesterday he refused to eat almost everything (normal I know for some of you with toddlers, but not for mine).  I was so worried.  Today I discovered that he has the blisters on his tongue.  We figured out that he will eat some if we do the Ibuprofen about an hour before eating. 

So here we are at Daytona, in a great hotel with a sick kid.  I am so thankful that we are here though.  We are not around any other kids and the beach air really seems to make him feel better.  Tomorrow will be day five so hopefully he will start feeling better and better each day.  I am also so glad that we are not at home because I would not be able to take Elijah to church and would be very bummed about that.  I hope you all have a great day tomorrow!

I won’t go back to the Torture Chamber

If you ever had to ride in the car with my son the first 11 months of his life you probably never forgot the trip.  He usually screamed the whole time we were in the car.  He rarely slept (if so not for long) and he pretty much made every car ride miserable.  In fact, we nicknamed the car the Torture Chamber during this year of our lives.  (And yes we tried the windows down, the music on, the music off, bouncing the seat, etc… and those things worked part of the ride, sometimes.)

At about 11 months, we invested in a DVD player for the car.  It was truly a gift from above.  Baby Einstein saved my life.

So I know that I have created a monster.  Elijah still gets to watch his movies (these days Shark Tales or Finding Nemo) and I get to ride in peace, even when riding around town.  We always joked that if the DVD player ever broke we would immediately buy a replacement.  He cries, kicks, and whines endlessly if it is off 90% of the time.

Well, I think you can see where I am going.  Today, Elijah used his foot to get a hold of the power cord and gave it a nice 2-year-old-boy yank.  And that was the death of my peace. 

Tomorrow we are leaving early in the morning to go with Steven on a speaking engagement to Florida.  We would not dream of putting ourselves back into the torture chamber.  This afternoon was crazy and at 8 pm, when Elijah was in bed I set out to purchase a new DVD player for our trip.

Wouldn’t you know it: they didn’t have what I wanted at Best Buy, Sam’s Club was closed at 8:30, and the Walmart near our house was sold out of all of the models for a vehicle.  So yes, I drove across town to the next closest Walmart to make my purchase.

Did I do this because I am such a wonderful mother? Absolutely not.  You can rest assured that all of my motives were purely selfish.  I want a peaceful ride to Florida and I will spend time and money even if that means I will have to go without something.

“I tugh my hair”

This is the new phrase that I hear all day long.  Translated it means "I touch my mommy’s hair."

Elijah has always been obsessed with touching my hair but we seem to have taken it to a new level.  My hair has become his security blanket.  Why couldn’t my child have just taken a pacifier?  The worst is during meals when Elijah decides he wants to touch my hair with his sticky hands.   At least once a day he cries and pitches a fit when I tell him he can’t right then.

So the funny part about this…  Today, Elijah saw me with wet hair he said "Mommy dwy ya hair" (Mommy, dry your hair) to me several times until I took the blow dryer to it.  Then when I was all done he hugged me, touched my hair and said "Mommy hair pwetty wy Zeba" (Mommy hair pretty like Zebra).  That was the first time he ever used a comparison.  Elijah loves to look at pictures of animals and we whenever we come to a Zebra we talk about how pretty it is.  I guess it is a compliment to be compared to a Zebra?

Tricked Ya!

Well we have been on vacation at Myrtle Beach with Steven’s family this past week (pictures soon to be posted) and I (being the organized, overly prepared person that I am– ha!) pre-wrote my blog entries.  I am so proud of myself.  In the words of Elijah (whenever he wants to congratulate himself) "Dood dob babee!" (good job baby).

So here I am, it is 11:30 am on Saturday morning and I have a thousand things to do.  Gotta love coming home from vacation: no food in the house (we all at scrambled eggs for breakfast with no toast or bacon), no clean clothes plus wet, and sandy beach clothes, stuff everywhere, Elijah into everything and other errands to run.  But tomorrow is Sunday and I get to go to my favorite church and hear my two favorite preachers preach together (you will have to come to church to find out who they are!).

On a lighter note, I loved catching up on all my blogs.  For a laugh out loud story, you have got to check out Reston Baby today.  Ainsley, I still laugh when I mentally picture your predicament in Target.

Broken Record

When I was a middle school teacher there were a few phrases that I found myself saying over and over again…

  • Read the directions
  • Pay attention
  • Are you listening
  • Sit up
  • Please stop talking

As the mother of a toddler, my phrases have changed a little.  Here are a few things that I say several times a day…

  • You cannot bring that stick inside
  • Don’t throw that away
  • Say please
  • You did not obey
  • Did you poop?
  • Say thank you
  • Don’t splash mommy (every night in the tub)
  • That hurts mommy (when he is being too rough)

One more thought.  Do you ever feel like a translator?  It seems as though I am the only one I know who is fluent in "Elijah."  Whether we are on the phone with a grandparent, with a friend or even just with daddy, I am constantly translating.  Funny thing is, I can’t understand your kid, just mine.


I read an article in Parent Magazine the other day about rabies.  Did you know that last year there was a rabies alert for Virginia, New York, North Carolina and Missouri?

The article was pretty scary.  They featured a suburban mom whose son was bitten by a rabid fox in their front yard.  The child was treated and recovered fine.  However, there was another family whose son was bitten by a bat in his sleep (unbeknownst to him).  They did not find out the bat was rabid until it was too late.  Their 17 year old son sadly passed away.  Rabies vaccines are ineffective once symptoms occur, and death is practically inevitable.

While most dogs do not carry rabies any more, cats are twice as likely to contact rabies.  The disease is most common in raccoons, bats, foxes and skunks.  The article suggested protecting your family by talking with your children about the dangers of touching wild animals, making sure your pets are vaccinated, bat-proofing your home and acting quickly if your child is bitten by a bat or if you find a bat in a room where your child was unsupervised (they said that often children do not know that they were bitten the bat).

You might think I am a paranoid mom.  I am not.  However, I had no idea that rabies, undetected, is so serious.  Sometimes I think my son has little or no fear.  He would not think twice about petting a wild animal if he could get close enough to it.

Just a thought for the summer as you protect your kids against UV rays and mosquito bites.

My Favorite Grocery Store

I grew up in south Florida.  As a child I thought that the main grocery store in United States was Publix (the secondary one Winn Dixie).  I don’t know if those were the only two grocery stores in Miami (besides the hispanic specialty ones) or if they were the only ones around where we lived.  So up until I moved to Charlotte I still loved Publix.  There was something nostalgic about it.  It felt clean and familiar.

I was disappointed to find out that there was not a Publix in Charlotte when we moved here about 2 years ago.  Today I decided that I have a new favorite… Lowe’s Foods.  I usually do my shopping online there (see post 1 and 2 about this) and those people don’t miss a beat.  But today, Elijah was with Daddy at the park and I had a few minutes and few things I needed so I went inside.

Can I just say that the people in there are so friendly!  They were as nice and efficient as any grocery store I have ever been in.  They were aware of lines and opened up new lanes.  It was so nice.  They also sell Boar’s Head deli meats (just like Publix).  It made my disdain for grocery stores (created mainly by my 2 year old son’s behavior in the store) so much lighter.

One more thing for those of you who live near a Lowe’s Foods… today their ground turkey meat (85/15)is buy one, get one.  That makes each package (a little over a pound) only $1.70).  This was at the Lowe’s in the Promenade. 


I am trying really hard to be a good blogger but whenever I travel, I just don’t get it done.  Its funny because when I am home, I check all the blogs I read at least once a day and frustrated when they are not updated.  But then I go and do the same thing.  Anyway, we are home now.  Elijah and I spent the last three days at my parent’s house in Greenville.  My sister, Emily, and her three kids were there and we wanted to hang out.

My parents are brave.  It is not easy having four children under age four running around your house all day long.  Elijah chipped one of my mom’s piano keys.  I felt terrible.  He was trying to play it with a microphone.  From then on, I told him we only play the piano with our fingers.  It is too cute to see him sit and bang on the piano.  Sometimes he will even let out a little "That’s Elmo’s world."

If one of Elijah’s cousins was doing something he didn’t want them to, sometimes he would look at them and say "No, no Ewija."  I guess that is all he ever hears so he thinks it all has to go together.

All in all it was a great week.  My sister flew home to North Dakota all by herself yesterday with all three of her kids.  She is a brave woman.  Elijah and I are flying out there later this summer.  I am dreading the flight with one, I can’t imagine it with three!  More later…