That Kid

Yesterday, in Steven’s message he said he has come to grips with the fact that Elijah is "That Kid."  You know, that kid in the restaurant, that kid at the mall, that kid who is not doing what he is supposed to do. 

Saturday at swimming lessons (there were a lot more dads this time) Elijah had a great time in the pool but did not seem to want to do any of the activities.  One particular activity involved the floating noodles.  The parents and children were supposed to place them under their arms and float.  As I watched from across the pool I could see that Elijah and Daddy were not using the noodles for the recommended activity.  No, they were playing snakes.  I surveyed the pool… everyone else was participating.  Oh well.  At least they had fun.

I think we all feel like our child is the only non-compliant child at one time or another.  Whether it is because they are too shy or too scared or too crazy.  I guess that is par for the course in parenting.  Raising a miniature version of yourself, or your spouse, can be quite eye opening. 

By the way, thanks to Grammy for the Philadelphia Chickens book and cd by Sandra Boynton.  Elijah has now listened to the title track at least 20 times in the last few days.  He relentlessly says "Chickasong, chickasong, chickasong" until you replay the song.  The books were sold for $5 at Kohls for charity.  You can also get them online.  Any of Boynton’s books are great!


I am really craving a nap right now but I have a lot I want to get done.  What to do?  I have a vacuum waiting to be used and clothes waiting to be washed.  Did I mention I have no groceries and I need to do that too?

I am going to press on.  Once Elijah wakes up my chance to do chores is over.  Tonight is Thursday and I do love Thursdays because it is date night.  Yeah!

I will leave you with a two questions to ponder…

  • How many more times am I going to have to watch the episode of Mickey Mouse Club where they have to get the baby elephant out of the tree?  We watched it 4 times Tuesday, 4 times Wednesday and already once today. 
  • Why do people on Craigslist try to sell their junk for so much money?  If you only knocked 30% of the original price (from 3 years ago) off, no one is going to buy it!

Swimming lessons, haircuts and other endeavors…

Swimming Lessons: Last Swimming_012_2Saturday was Elijah’s first swimming lesson.  He did really well.  He was so glad that his Daddy was taking him.  I was really worried that Steven wouldn’t want to go back because at first he was the only man.  Then another dad came late.  I was relieved.  I am not ready to bare my white legs.  The lesson was only 30 minutes but not a minute too long.  Elijah started to lose it about 20 minutes in.  They did all kinds of activities with different floaties.  If you ask Elijah "who takes you swimming?" he says, "Dadeee!"  Sorry no good pics from the pool.

Swimming_022_2 Swimming_017 Haircuts: This weekend Grammy and Choo-choo came to visit (Steven’s parents).  Elijah had a great time with them.  Choo-choo is a barber so he came prepared to cut Elijah’s hair.  You would have thought we were cutting Elijah’s ears off.  He cried so hard.  He said "I don’t wike it."  His hair looks really cute now.  This is an after and during shot.  I was having techinical difficulties.

Other Endeavors: Today Elijah and I went with our friends to deliver Friendship Trays.  We had a lot of fun.  I really liked seeing the smile that Elijah brought to some of the people’s faces.  We are signed up to do this every other Tuesday.

Something Every Woman Must Have

White pants.   Every year I can’t wait for the Spring season to come around so that I can wear my white pants.  There is nothing I feel more confident in than white pants.  Last summer I had the greatest pair.  I wore them all the time.  I was extremely depressed when I tried to put them on this year and they already were too tight.

A while back I blogged about paying full price for this dress at Old Navy (I know, why would you pay full price for something at Old Navy when it is destined to go on sale).   Well, mom, you will be happy to know I returned the dress.  I decided it was not comfortable.

I have been looking everywhere for a pair of white maternity pants.  Guess where I found them.  Yep, I traded in my dress for some white maternity pants at Old Navy.  They are not quite as dressy as I wanted but they were in my price range (again not on sale but cheaper than the dress) and I love them.  I wore them on my date last week and had planned to wear them to church last Sunday but the weather did not permit (mud and white pants don’t match!).  I will be wearing them this week.  And can I just add that one of the few perks of being pregnant is elastic waist band pants!

I know what you are thinking "sticky little hands will not allow my pants to stay white," thats the great thing about white pants… you can bleach them.  So if you don’t have a pair of white pants, you need to get a pair.  They should be a staple of every woman’s summer wardrobe.  Nothing will make you feel prettier.

So, what makes you feel pretty?  Leave a comment.

PS. I want to see how well I know some of my closest friends.  Here is what I say they will post in their comment…

  • Nicole and Kelly- fresh hair cut and highlights
  • Emily- earrings?
  • Mom- blush and pearls
  • Amy- lipstick
  • Lori- high heels

PPS.  I asked my husband what he thought about this post and he said it was like reading German. 

Free Umbrella Stroller

I saw in Sunday’s paper that CVS is giving away a free umbrella stroller.  When you go in the store, pickup their weekly ad.  On page 18, it shows all these various baby items (such as Huggies products, Johnson’s products, formula etc…).  If you spend $20 on any of these products, you get a free stroller.  I don’t need a stroller but I do need diapers, can you have enough strollers anyway?

Check out my friend Kelly’s blog.  She is 39 weeks pregnant and asking for tricks on inducing labor.  The comments are pretty good.  It was especially nice of my sister to volunteer me to make Kelly eggplant parmesan :).  I actually still have some left over that I made last week, Kelly, do you want it?

It is 2:50 pm and I missed the deadline to order my groceries online.  Darn.  Now I have to improvise for dinner.  I love online grocery shopping.  I blogged about it a long time ago (see my entry, God’s Gift to Mothers).  I rarely go into the grocery store.  In fact, it has been at least a month since I stepped foot in one.  The only change I would make to that entry is spend the extra $1 to get your groceries at Lowe’s Foods if driving isn’t a factor.  Their customer service is a thousand times better and they rarely miss an item or give me things I didn’t order.  It might just be that the closest Harris Teeter to me is as busy as the Atlanta Airport and I prefer not to go in there either.

Writer’s Block

I haven’t posted in a few days.  I go through phases.  Sometimes I have so much I want to write about that I have to choose what to post.  These are the times when I blog several days in a row.  Other days I can’t think of anything to say.  I will make this post a hodge podge of thoughts about my child since he seems to consume my life…

My mom trumped my Easter trash can.  She found an aluminum one.  If you know Elijah, you know that he does not play with a particular toy for very long.  Until today.  Yesterday my mom sent this trash can with a friend on mine coming through Charlotte.  He has played and played with this thing.  He practically woke up talking about it.  At one point today he was laying in the chair with the trash can.  Tonight we had to fish a remote out of it.  Thanks mom.

Do you ever look at one of your children and think there is no way they could be more like their father unless they were him?  I have had that thought a few times over the last few days.  Elijah’s newest phrase is "Right Now!"  He has taken to telling me that he wants me to come get him out of his bed "right now," every time he wakes up.  Today I heard him calling Ella (our neighbor, same age).  He said, "Ewwa, cum hee, wite now!" (Ella, come here right now).  Steven is never rude, patience is not his strong suit :). 

One more Elijah story… We have developed a fascination with snakes.  Tonight while Elijah was in the tub, Steven pretended his belt was a snake that had wrapped around his neck and pulled him down.  Elijah was terrified.  I have never seen such a look of horror on his face (no tears).  As I was putting Elijah to bed he said "no huwt you" (no hurt you) over and over.  That is what I kept telling him about daddy and snakes.

Chicken Barley Soup

Here is a light soup that my family loves.  I got it from Southern Living Magazine and added a few things.  Hope you enjoy it too.


  • 1 c chopped onion (I omit)
  • 1 c chopped carrot
  • 1 c chopped celery
  • 3 pressed garlic cloves
  • 1/2  c white wine
  • 4 cans of chicken broth
  • 2 c water
  • 1 lime squeezed
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/2 of a Rotisserie chicken (pulled from bone and skin of course)
  • 1 c Quick Cook Barley

Combine all ingredients except barley.  Low boil for 1-2 hours, until veggies are nice and soft.  Add barley and boil for 10 minutes.

Serve with salad and French bread warmed in the oven with butter.  As Elijah would say "Ummm, dewicious!"

Don’t forget to pull all the meat from the bird and freeze for chicken salad (have I posted that recipe??) or Mexican Chicken and Dumplings, or many other great things that you can do with God’s gift to quick cooks, the rotisserie chicken.

Please let me know if you make this and like it!

Good Night

Last night I was rocking Elijah before putting him in bed.  We were singing our usual…

Yes, Mommy loves me, yes, Daddy loves me, to the tune of "Jesus loves me."  He kept inserting names of various friends and family members for us to sing.  Then he decided to sing on his own…  He sang "Yes Daddy loves me" (4x)  then a long pause.  I was wondering if he was going to remember the ending because we had not sang it yet.  Then he sang…

"That’s Emo’s Wood!"  (That’s Elmo’s World).  I about died laughing.  I guess that was the only ending he could think of.

Elijah and I have not left the house since Sunday.  Not a bad thing except I think Elijah has been on a secret mission to destroy every room in the house.  Seriously, I feel like I have been cleaning up after his messes for two days. 

Yesterday I was on the phone and heard him laughing and having fun doing something.  I came into the kitchen to find him spraying his face with water from the refrigerator door.  He was drenched and so was the floor.

Today he managed to completely empty out two of my clothing drawers while I was in the shower.  Then later, I came downstairs to find that he had gotten a hold of the salt and pepper shakers.  Lets just say that I have a basket of clothes to go to Goodwill because I sorted two drawers today and I have freshly vacuumed floors.


I just posted a new photo album with all our wonder Easter weekend pictures. 

The egg drop was awesome and crazy.  First of all, I don’t think it was that cold on Christmas Eve.  The wind was harsh.  Elijah faired well.  He absolutely loved Elmo and Big Bird.  He got a little scared when Elmo held him but kept wanting to go see them.  He held his own in the egg rush.  It was so packed.  I looked up when Elijah’s basket was getting full and saw people still coming.  We left the field so some other kids could get eggs.

Sunday morning was unbelievable.  Check out Steven’s take on the day.  He tells all about the amazing numbers.  Can I say we were exhausted by the time we got home.  We have heard awesome reports from lots of other churches too.  My sister and brother-in-law are church planting in North Dakota and had 3 people give their lives to Christ at their church.  It was a great day.

After naps we hid a few eggs in the back yard for Elijah then came inside for the big event… the Easter trash can.  It is still a big hit.  He has played with it, putting things in and out, every day.  I will say that it has not deterred him from putting things in the other trash cans.  I found my ipod case in my bathroom trash can and I am looking for a pair of earrings, I think I am going to have to sort the upstairs cans.


What a day this has been.  We had a wild an crazy Egg drop with over 4000 people in attendance.  Elijah had a blast.

Tomorrow we are launching our first video campus.  Tonight we had a commissioning service for our volunteers going out there.  They pre-recorded Steven’s message for tomorrow (this will not happen every Saturday night but it is too complicated to explain).  As I stood before the crowd of 120 volunteers going to help at this campus (we sang a few songs), I was overwhelmed at the goodness of God.  Roughly 18 months ago there were barely 120 people attending Elevation

I am so excited to celebrate Easter tomorrow.  Yes, I have a new outfit, but that is not what I am excited about.  Yes, my son is going to look precious in his green tie and green pants, but that is not what I am excited about.  Yes, I can’t wait to hide eggs for Elijah in the yard and give him his Easter trash can (no basket for the Oscar fan), but that is not what I am excited about.  And yes, I have to be at church at 6:30 AM to practice in the morning because we are adding a third service, but that is not what I am excited about.

I am excited to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ with thousands (hopefully) of people from the city I love.  I believe God to change hundreds lives tomorrow, and I get to be a part of it.  That is exciting.

Happy Easter.  I am going to iron our clothes and go to bed!