I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking the same thing my husband said to me last night, "Baby, you suck at blogging this week."  I know, I do.  I told someone tonight that on all the blogs I read I don’t want long entries, I want frequent ones.  I am a hypocrite.  I have done what annoys me, not blogged for several days.  So in the words of Elijah, "sowwy.  I not obey."  (Ok, not the obey part, I just put that in because it is cute when my son says it.)

So here is what my week has consisted of:

  • Wednesday, Elijah and I went to a friends house.  Elijah managed to get in the kiddie pool fully clothed AND find an open can of paint thinner and spill it all over himself and their garage.  I was quite embarrassed.  I had to give him a bath before we left.
  • Thursday-Friday- We drove to Greenville for a quick visit with my parents.  My dad and I took Elijah to the Greenville Zoo.  We had to look at the elephants twice.  If you ask Elijah what the elephant did he will tell you, "Pee-pee potty."  Yes, we had the opportunity to watch an elephant relieve himself, an experience I will not soon forget.
  • Friday night- Daddy baby-sat while I helped throw a evening baby shower.  Can I just say, I thoroughly enjoyed being in the car all by myself WITHOUT Sesame Street in the background.
  • Saturday- quick shopping trip to Eastland mall.  Not the most luxurious mall in Charlotte.  Actually the most run-down, vacant mall I have ever been to (and I have been to many malls).  But well worth the trip because they have a Dillard’s Clearance Center!

Tomorrow is church day.  The last church day with only two services.  I love my church.

Hey check out my good friend Kelly’s blog.  In about two weeks she will have four girls under age 5.  You know her blog is good.

Trash Can

When Elijah could barely talk, one of his first words was Elmo.  He would say it what seemed like 100 times a day, over and over.  At Christmas time it was Santa.  All day, "Santa, Santa, Santa."  Recently his preferred character is Oscar the grouch.  All day long he says "Oscar, trash can."  Only this time he doesn’t just say it.  He pretends like everything is a trash can.  He points out trash cans in public. 

In the house, I am constantly cleaning out "trash cans."  In the office it is the bottom file cabinet drawer.  It is pretty much empty so he opens it and closes it and puts various items that he finds around the house in it.  These items can vary from toys, pieces of paper, coupons, my camera battery charger (yes, after being MIA for several weeks, I found out that I had not stashed it in as safe a place as I thought), this morning, a scented plug-in that he probably took out of the wall.

In the bedroom it is the laundry basket, shoes, toys, books, you name it.  The funniest one is downstairs.  Elijah pretends that throwing things behind his Elmo tool bench is like throwing things in the trash can.  Pictures below (click to enlarge).Easter_008 Easter_009Twice last weekend, when I wanted to leave the house, I had to fish my car keys out of this heap.  All coasters, remotes, toys etc… must go in this trash can.

The funniest part is that my mom says when I was a little girl I pretended that everything was a purse.  She says she would have to look in grocery sacks, shopping bags, and anything that resembled a purse when she couldn’t find something. 

I am worried that Elijah is going to throw something important in a real trash can, like one of the remotes or our keys.  We’ll see how long this obsession lasts!

PS.  Today I signed Elijah up for swimming lessons (Steven is going to take him).  Unbeknown-st to me, you had to actually go into the pool area to sign up.  Imagine me trying to restrain my son from getting in the pool while trying to fill out a form.  And yes, there was a water aerobics class going on while Elijah grunted and screamed and struggled with me.  Finally he got to touch the water.  When we left, I told him daddy was going to bring him back to swim.  He said "in a minute?"  I had said, "no, in a few weeks."  He asked me "in a minute?" at least four times.  Finally he let up.  He is a persistent child.

The Parrot

My son is becoming a parrot.  Today I said "crap" when I couldn’t find a diaper (after I had already take Elijah’s wet diaper off).  Elijah looked at me and said "cap."  Oops.

He repeats everything.  It is just like a parrot because he has no clue what he is saying "just a minute," he repeats.  Or "wait, wait a minute" or "I need dis."  I had no idea how much I said "I need…" until he started repeating me.

I guess I need (there I said it again) to be careful with little ears always near.


Ok, this is going to be a hodge podge post.  I have several things I need to comment on…

First off, the promised Quiche Recipe:

  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2-3 c shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • 6 eggs
  • bacon bits (the real kind, not bacos, you can get in the same section)
  • 1 c whipping cream
  • 2 bunches chopped green onion (optional)
  • 1 frozen deep dish pie crust

Poke wholes in pie crust with a fork (empty) and bake at 400 for 6 minutes.  Meanwhile, mix all other ingredients (except about 1/2 c cheese).  Pour into pie crust, top with remaining cheese.  Bake at 350 for about 45.  The quiche will set up in the middle when finished (it should not be soupy).  We eat this for dinner a lot because it is so easy.  You can really put any ingredients you like.  Different cheeses, broccoli, ham etc…

Other comments

  • Check out Reston Baby.  They had 2 interesting posts today.  One stated that most women’s dream job is to be a novelist???  Really?  Not me.  The second post has a hilarious video link called "Mom my ride."  I laughed out loud.
  • We delivered Friendship Trays as a play group today.  It was fun.  Elijah like banging on people’s doors (I am sure they did too) and giving them their juice.
  • Ok my husband, Steven Furtick, is now number 1 on Technorati!!  How funny is this?  One person even accused him of posting that comment because he wanted attention.  Ha!  Like he knew he would get this attention.  People everywhere are blogging about him.  They keep saying stuff like "Who cares about this guy, who is he?"  The funny thing is, they seem to care enough to blog about him. 

I think I vacuumed up something dead

Two posts in one day, I know.  I don’t know what has got me flying but I have stuff to say today.  Quiche recipe still coming…

So last Friday I cleaned house for a baby shower that I hosted on Saturday morning.  The only problem was I ran out of time and only got to vacuum the downstairs.  I have a Rainbow Vacuum (don’t worry, I bought it used and did not pay full price).  These vacuums are serious.  They are supposed to clean really well and be good for people with allergies.  What is unique about them is that you catch all the stuff you vacuum up in a basin filled with water.  Then you empty after each cleaning, or at least you are supposed to as I found out the hard way today.

Normally I empty after every use and then clean with bleach because it is so nasty.  But Friday when I didn’t get to vacuum the upstairs, I decided to store it until I got a chance to finish cleaning.  When I turned the machine on a few hours ago I was accosted with the worst smell.  It literally smelled like I had vacuumed up something dead just a few days ago, or maybe like really strong, really bad old lady breath.

Too lazy, and too scared to empty the basin, I decided to finish.  The smell is gone now.  As a pregnant woman I am probably extra sensitive.  I am sure it is not that bad to the average nose.  That is why I am waiting for Steven to get home and empty it.  I am sure it won’t smell nearly as bad to him.  I hope.


Ok so some of you may have read my husband’s post about how he was no longer going to get on Technorati and see what people are saying about him in the blog world.  You can read for yourself why he needed to stop doing this.

The funny thing is, that post made people search his name on Technorati.  Today he is the number 2 searched subject, just under Twitter (I have no clue what that is) and just above Dell.  Now there are people posting about him because of this.  Go figure.

One a different note.  I ate cold pizza for breakfast today while Elijah ate oatmeal.  When he was finished, he wanted my pizza crust so I gave it to him.  A few minutes later I saw that he had abandoned the crust on the coffee table where the dog was desperately trying to get it.  I told him to throw his crust away.  I recently found it in my hall-tree drawer.


I just have to rant about the health care system in America.  I think it one of the sneakiest, most dishonest industries.  It is unfair that they keep it so confusing that there is no way you can understand why you owe the amount of money they are billing you for.

Case in point:  Today I got a bill from my OB-GYN saying I owe them $11.  I just wanted to know why the charge.  The lady informed me that my insurance company would not pay for the pregnancy test and that I had to pay a percentage of it.  No wonder they wouldn’t pay for it, it cost $27!  Ok, first of all, I knew I was pregnant, thats why I was there.  Second, last time I checked, you can get a box of 2 tests at the drugstore for $10.  What is up with that??

My friend was recently at the doctor.  When she was telling me about her appointment, she mentioned how nice the doctor was… that she had talked with her about her problem for almost an hour.  A few weeks later she got a bill for $300.  The insurance company said the doctor billed her for two visits and they would only pay for one.

Its a system we just have to accept.  Well I will pay my bill for $11 but not without telling someone about it.

Sorry for such negativity.  Tomorrow a recipe for a really easy quiche.

PS Still no camera battery charger.  It sure is in a safe place!


Today is Steven’s day off.  I love Fridays.  As a special present to his parents, Elijah slept until 8:45!  Woo-hoo!  This was a welcome relief to yesterdays 6:30 awakening.  He was also fever free today.

Around 11:15 we headed to Charlotte’s new and amazing children’s museum called Imaginon.  They had a story reading at 11:15 but we of course didn’t make it (mostly my fault for taking a 30 minute shower while daddy watched Elijah).

Joined by a mob elementary field trippers, we spent an hour playing on the fairytale exhibit, playing with the enormous doll house and reading books.  Elijah has two fascinations these days: trash cans and elephants.  While I did not find any books about trash cans (I didn’t look), I did find several fiction and non-fiction books about elephants.

We left with a nice stack of books about elephants as well as a few other classics like Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom and an Eric Carle book.  I just read one to Elijah before his nap called Boo Boo, a story about a gosling who likes to eat (Elijah really like it).

We left the library and ate lunch at Fuel Pizza, yum! 

Tonight gets even better, Elijah is spending the night at my friends house.  I am going to clean house (I am hosting a baby shower tomorrow) and go out on a date with my husband!


Yesterday Elijah decided to spike a fever of 102 at 5 pm.  I was supposed to be at a banquet at 6:15.  I had to scramble to find a sitter (Courtney is the hero of the day for driving from Rock Hill in 5:30 traffic).  I also had to put my make up on with one hand while holding Elijah in the other arm and singing Old Mac Donald Had a Farm (that was the only way he wouldn’t cry).

Today we couldn’t go anywhere, of course.  Elijah woke up 1 1/2 hours early with a fever of 103.  His fever has stayed down today with the miracle drug of Ibuprofen.  If I have heard once, I have heard 100 times "I hold you" today.

Two days ago, when Elijah was not sick I shot a cute video of him saying "I love you" to everyone I could think of in our family.  Only watch it if you like to watch other people’s kids say words you can’t really make out.  Its posted here on You Tube (my blog site wouldn’t let me post here).

I put my camera battery charger in a "safe place."  Unfortunately I can’t find it!  The thing is Elijah can now count to ten and it is super cute.  Hopefully I will find it soon.

Other thoughts and thought provoking questions…

America, why are we keeping Sanjya in the running on American Idol?????

What happened to my show Friday Night Lights?  I know it isn’t the most wholesome show in the world.  Maybe the reason I am addicted stems from rebellion to my parents over the fact that I was not allowed to watch Beverly Hills 90210.  Ok out of curiosity I just looked it up and apparently it is not quite as successful as 90210.  The NBC site says "final four episodes begin March 21."  If you go to the site, they the picture posted looks like Coach Taylor and his wife (name?) are totally bummed about the cancel.  Once again America, why can’t we get some things right?

What the heck is happening on LOST?  I think I liked it better when there weren’t so many characters.  I can’t keep up with everyone. 

Chinese Birth Calendar Part 2

First of all I have to say you guys stay up way too late!  I even had one person comment at 4:51 in the morning.  I hope she was getting up, not going to bed! 

The consensus is about 50-50.  Which proves, you can’t trust wive tales (why I will never drink Castor oil to induce labor!).

The calendar was right for Elijah.  If it holds true for my next baby, I am having a girl.  We will know in about a month.

Keep commenting, if you haven’t already, to let me know if it holds true for you.