Mary Poppins Bag

Do you remember the scene in Mary Poppins where Mary pulls all this stuff out of her bag?  I think she even pulls a lamp out of it at one point.  Sometimes I feel like this is my purse.  I was reminded of this today when I was surfing some different blogs.  I came across this one, Parent Hacks

In this particular post a woman was telling about her 3 year old needing to poop at a nasty gas station (you can read the whole post by clicking above).  She said there was no toilet paper or paper towels to cover the seat, so she looked in her purse and pulled out two plastic shopping bags.  This was a good idea but I laughed because she not only had one, but two plastic bags in her purse.  She mentioned that she always carries them in her purse.

So I got to thinking, what’s in my purse that someone else would find odd?  Sure we all have a crushed diaper and a cell phone.  Here are a few odd things you could find in my purse right now:

  • Two board books
  • Melted fruit snacks
  • Raisins (I always have some type of be quiet food)
  • A small notebook
  • A People magazine (for the plane ride, last week)
  • A ziplock bag full of my Christmas receipts that hasn’t made it out yet

My friend of mine says she always has used cough drops wrapped back in the wrapper.  She says she always wonders if they are new or used.  I always have tissues that are so crumpled you can’t tell if they are new or used.  I remember for a while my mom used to carry cuticle oil in her purse.

Ok, so whats in your wallet purse?  Leave a comment and we’ll see who has the most random items.


Ok, ok, I know I am not doing to good with the recipe of the week.  I forget!  So here is what we did for dinner tonight.

3:30- I pull chicken out of the freezer and throw it in a ziplock bag with some balsamic vinnegrette as my marinade.

Later this evening-

  1. I pop two large sweet potatoes into the microwave for 12 minutes
  2. I slice some Cuban bread from the bakery at the grocery store, butter it, and throw it in the oven (375 degrees) wrapped in foil
  3. I shuck some corn (not in season, but I wanted it for dinner), spray it with butter cooking spray and put some pepper and garlic salt on each ear
  4. I wrap the potatoes (fully cooked) in foil
  5. Steven puts the chicken, corn, and potatoes on the grill (potatoes on the top rack)
  6. Elijah played outside while Daddy grilled

Dinner was easy and delicious.  And clean up was easy too.  For dessert we are having slice and bake chocolate chip cookies and watching American Idol (Elijah not included).

Two more things you should know:

  1. Elijah started his first Athelete’s foot treatment tonight (gross!!!).  Thanks for all your suggestions.
  2. Steven was interview by the local news (WSOC TV) today.  Watch the clip (I don’t think they are going to put the whole thing on the news tonight).  PS.  Elevators, you really should watch it, you might be in it!


Its a good thing I am feeling fairly well today.  I have a lot to do.  This morning I tackled the laundry.  Even though it is once again time to wash dirty laundry, I decided that the clean laundry had been waiting long enough.  I probably would have gotten depressed had I looked at it much longer.  So today I folded and put away, tomorrow I will wash and then stare at the clean laundry for a few days before I decide to fold.

Elijah played well while I was working.  He got really tired as we neared lunch time.  We always rock in the chair and sing a song before he goes down for his nap.  Usually he is so wired, I lay him down wide awake and he plays in his bed for a while before falling asleep.  Today he was so calm.  He was asleep in my arms before I knew it (I cannot remember the last time this happened).  For some reason, I relished in the moment.  I know that there are very few times like that left.  I remember the days when he had an ear infection every month (literally) and I would sit in that chair for an hour trying to soothe him to sleep.  I hated that chair.  If he fell asleep, I was afraid to put him down.  I hated those days.  Today I was so thankful to be holding a healthy child.

Sorry to be so sappy.  On a disgusting note, I think Elijah has some kind of foot fungus.  His toes have all this peeling skin.  This morning he kept pulling at his footed pajamas saying "socks off."  Any suggestions??

Ok, I have to get to work, it is nap time you know!


Well it was so nice to get away, stay in a nice hotel, get a break from my son (even though I do miss him), go shopping and oh yeah, attend a conference.

Seriously conference was great.  I am not usually someone who loves to hear sermon after sermon.  I have heard all of the main stage speakers in the back ground of my husband’s computer or the TV.  But I must say that I was inspired, encouraged and challenged over the last two days.

Ed Young, Bishop TD Jakes, Craig Groeshel, Dr. Ed Young Sr., and Mark Driscoll was quite a line up.  As I sit here and try to process all that I heard, I can’t think of anything to say.  It was so encouraging to see men who have been doing ministry for so many years still passionate and hungry to see their ministry take the next step.  Its funny, but I think I was most impressed with Dr. Young.  The man is 70 years old.  He pastors a thriving church, has raised 3 godly young men, has been married to the same women for probably 40 years, and possesses a spirit that seemed so genuine and Christ-like.  I was so inspired to be a support to my husband.  And challenged to live up to the call that God has placed on my life and my family.

For now I am going to sleep and sleeping in tomorrow since I have one last morning of freedom.  Maybe I will tackle the clean laundry that is still begging to be folded.

Big News

Elijah has news for  you (click on picturesBaby_011). Baby_009_1 Yes, we are expecting baby #2 October 3.  I am 8 weeks tomorrow and feeling pretty nauseous all the time.  Oh well.  Hopefully it won’t last long.

We have had a busy last few days.  We celebrated Steven’s 27th birthday yesterday.  In the words of Elijah, "Daddy, Happy Day."

Tonight I left Elijah with Steven’s parents for a few days.  He didn’t cry when I left.  He said, "Bye, bye, see ya" about 10 times.  Steven and I are going to Dallas tomorrow for a few days.  We are going to attend the C3 Conference at Fellowship Church. 

It is 10:26 pm.  I have yet to pack and we are leaving the house at 6:45 in the morning.  I have this mound of clean laundry waiting to be folded.  I think it will have to wait until I come home… and have more laundry to add to it.

Can I just say that laundry is the most frustrating task.  I think it is part of the curse that God put on women in Genesis, right there along side pain in childbirth.  Who can fold laundry when you have a toddler pulling it out of the basket?  Besides, by the time I get everything clean, folded AND put away, the hampers are full again.

As a child I used to dream about having a maid and drinking Dr Pepper whenever I wanted, when I grew up.  If that day ever comes, I think laundry will be her first task.  Laundry and bathrooms.  I actually kind of like vacuuming (don’t tell).  For now I will have to be satisfied that one of those dreams came true.

PS  I guess I should note that Elijah is crying in the pictures because he wants to hold the camera.  That is another post all in itself!

Falling bowls and other such incidents

Falling Bowls…

I have never considered myself a short person, although I am only 5’2".  I do have a hard time reaching a lot of the stuff in my cabinets (yes I own a stool, but never think to use it).  Last night I made strawberry shortcake (the Biscuick recipe).  When I went to get the bowls, my hand caught on a separate stack of bowls (I knew I was putting too many bowls in one wobbling stack, but was too lazy to find another solution).  The bowls started to fall.

I tried to stop this catastrophe but could not.  After the first one hit me on the head and I realized more were coming.  I could not back up because there was already glass on the floor so I just decided to take cover best I could.

All in all I have two bruises on my head and am short 4 bowls.  It was a mess to clean up but at least no bleeding or anything.

Other such incidents…

Elijah had been "napping" for about 30 minutes today while I was working on email.  He accidentally fell asleep in the car this morning and so I was trying to get him to take a nap around 3:30.  I could hear him calling me over and over "Mommee, mommeeee!"  Then at about 4:oo I heard a thump.   I ran into his room to find him on the floor, crying.  I guess he fell out of the bed.

After he calmed down, he got down and pulled me over to the changing table.  I guess he wanted a fresh diaper, no poop.  I changed him, gave him a new book and returned him to his bed.  He is now crying and calling me.  I guess I will give this nap a few more minutes before I give up.

Please rip me off

They say that Valentine’s day is just a chance for retailers to rip off consumers.  Well rip me off because I love it!  I love any chance to buy (and receive) presents and cards from my husband.  He always comes through.

My Valentine’s day started out with a Chick-fil-A biscuit before I got out of bed.  This was the eighth Valentine’s day in a row that that I have gotten Chick-fil-A for breakfast.  And I did not remind him.  Actually when I woke up this morning and Steven was gone, I thought, "Ooh, I bet I get a biscuit today!" 

I also got a gift certificate to this cute jewelry store in the Arboretum and promises for a shopping trip after dinner.

I then spent the afternoon with Elijah (wearing a shirt that said "Hunk of burning love" on it) and Lori, Steven’s assistant.  We went to lunch and then to Southpark to get Steven a new shirt to go along with the new series on Sunday.  We didn’t find what we were looking for.  Well we did, but it cost $198 at Nordstrom and that was out of the question.  The shirt would need to button itself for me to spend that much!

Steven and I ate dinner at one of our favorites, Mickey and Mooch.  We even got shrimp cocktail and dessert (a "Chocolate Dome" which was in reality a huge Godiva chocolate with whipped cream)  The best was I got an awesome, red necklace from the jewelry shop and some new clothes too.

We came home pretty early and enjoyed a nice quiet evening at home.  I love holidays.

PS.  The battle of the bed (see last post) is over, and yes, I won.


Suit_1What an amazing day!  I never imagined church could be so fun.  We had record attendance in church as we celebrated our 1 year anniversary.  Sean Lyons created an incredible video that captured the last year of our church.  It made me cry to see all the great things the Lord has done.  The worship was awesome.  We even had guys playing the trash cans and Steven wore a suit, thanks Sean for the picture!(you can click to enlarge).

Then last night we did our live recording.  The crowd was great.  It was so amazing to see our people worship God so freely.  I had such a fun time.

I could barely talk when the day was done.  I put Elijah to bed and then crashed.  Steven was too wound up to sleep.  He stayed downstairs watching his TD Jakes video until he fell asleep on the couch!

Elijah and I are taking it slow today.  We are still recovering from yesterday.


Not really, don’t get scared.  But something happened to my child today.  I think he was kidnapped and another child who looks just like him was placed in my stroller. 

Elijah and I went to the mall today to find something to wear to our live recording Sunday night.  Elijah rode in the stroller the ENTIRE TIME, 2 hours!!!  Some of you may be thinking big deal.  But I have racked my brain and I honestly cannot remember a mall trip that Elijah rode in the stroller the whole time, even when he was a little baby.  And trust me, we have been to the mall a lot.  Sometimes when I am at the mall and I am carrying my child, I seem to notice all the other babies peacefully sleeping in their strollers.  I get so jealous.  Today there was a lady with two kids in a double crying to get out.  I felt so bad for her.  Most of my mall trips the stroller ended up being a caddy for my bags.  But not today! 

Yeah Elijah! Daddy should take you out to eat tonight for your good behavior.


I love bleach.  I learned this love from my mom.  I would never clean a bathroom with out my bleach wipes (I know they don’t have actualy bleach in them), spray bleach, Clorox toilet cleaner, and comet with bleach for the shower and tub floor.  The smell of bleach is such a clean smell to me.  I use it in my kitchen sink too.

Somewhere along the lines, I decided its not really clean if I haven’t bleached it.  I guess thats my mom’s philosophy too.  She says "I respect bleach," I always laugh when I hear her voice say that in my head. 

So I guess you figured out that I got my house cleaned today.  I had to call in the big guns and have someone watch Elijah for me (thanks Lori!).  I even bleached the bath toys.  I feel so much better now.  The guilt is gone.

I also got new glasses today.  I don’t know if I shared this but Elijah broke my glasses about 10 days ago.  I cannot see without either my glasses or contacts.  It was hard not having glasses  the last few days (I like to wear them in the morning and at night) but actually fun getting new ones.  I went to Vision Works and got 2 pair for $150 (it was supposed to be $99 but thats a long story).

My husband is coming back tonight.  Yeah!