Tasks We Never Dreamed of

I got some pretty funny comments from some of you about my post "the Task I Never Dreamed of…"  Here they are…

I thought of this blog entry as I searched the grass outside our apartment for rabbit poop… Luke and I came across the little pile of rabbit poop one morning while Lily was at school and wouldn’t you know it was all he could think about wanting to tell her when we picked her up, so we had to go right back to the same spot and hunt for it again…and rabbit poop is not easy to find!! We had a neighbor’s child with us too so I wonder what she said when her mom asked what we did outside!- Erin Hummel

The joys of parenting are never-ending – - – along with a few headaches, too
and then again, there’s those moments when you don’t know whether to scream, cry, or laugh.
Jillian (age 3) has been keeping us hopping – the Sunday before New Year’s Eve, I discovered my wedding ring was missing.  After searching high & low and re-counting last events, we figured it was a loss cause and resorted to filing an insurance claim.  The following Sunday – Jillian comes up to me
while I was cooking dinner and said, very casually, "Mom, here’s your ring."  I turned to look,
expecting a plastic gem, and gasped to see her pulling MY RING from her 2"x2" Dora Backpack.  The
next day, the insurance check arrived and we gladly sent it back. -Juls Hux

Without making this entry too long, I have to share a story that I read in a my Focus on the Family, Early Stages magazine the other day.  A lady shared how her 2 year old little boy, Weston, was very attached to an odd toy, a toy vacuum (boy would my mom be proud!).  The little boy vacuumed during the day and slept with his vacuum (Noo-noo) during nap time and at night.  It was his most cherished possession that he took everywhere.  One day the little boy’s mom came down with a terrible stomach virus.  While the mom was in bed, unable to function "I opened my eyes.  Weston struggled with my covers.  He was pushing his Noo-noo into my bed… it dawned on me that he was giving me his most cherished possession, his vacuum cleaner, to comfort me."

It is moments like that when we realize that it is all worth it. 

Sorry to be sappy, I am not a sappy, send you forwarded Chicken Soup For the Soul type email kind of person but I really needed that this week.  My son has been quite a handful.  Sometimes I forget that he loves me, he just doesn’t know how to express it.  After all, he is a male!

Recipe Monday: Fried Rice

I decided that I would post a recipe every Monday.  I am sorry I didn’t get to this earlier in the day for those of you who read from work.  Elijah had one of those days where he needed me literally every second (or so it felt) starting at about 6:30 this morning.  But it is 7:02pm right now and he is in the bed for the night and tomorrow is a new day.

So here is the recipe:  Easy Fried Rice

1/2 a rotisserie chicken cut into small pieces

2 stalks chopped green onions

1/4 cup of Good Seasons Asian Sesame with Ginger Dressing

3 eggs

2 Tbsp cooking oil

4 servings of cooked rice

4 Tbsp soy sauce

Any other frozen veggies you want to add like peas, snow peas, carrots, corn, onion etc…

This recipe is one that you can do for any amount of people.  You just increase or reduce the amount of ingredients. 

Some time during my day, I cook some rice in my rice cooker.  You can use instant rice, just cook with chicken broth instead of water. 

Next scramble your egg in 1 Tbsp of oil.  Set aside.  Then saute veggies in remaining Tbsp of oil until done.  Add chicken, rice and egg.  Mix through.  Add dressing and soy sauce (more or less depending on taste).  When all ingredients are heated through you are done.

Pull the rest of your chicken from the bone and freeze for another recipe.  The rotisserie chicken is one of my favorite things to use.  It is already cooked and flavorful.  It is so easy to use for quick meals.  You can get them at Sam’s Club for $4.99.  I usually pull the meat while the bird is still warm because it is easier.  Then I set aside and use for two meals that week or freeze half.

Let me know if you try it and like it.  Hey, did anyone make meatloaf?

American Idol

Can I just say get on with it already?  How many more weeks do I have to watch people audition?  I am a huge American Idol fan.  My husband and I have watched it since the first season.  But does it seem like they are dragging these auditions out?  Thats all I have to say about that.

In other news… www.hollyfurtick.com is now up and running.  Type that in and it will take you right here.  How about that?  Thanks Damion!

10 Things

Inspired by my sister’s blog post today, I thought I would make a list of ten things that are important to me.  Here goes…

1.  Dates with my husband

2.  Naps on Sunday afternoon (a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember)

3.  My blow-dryer.  I do not have wash-and-go hair.

4.  Singing with my son.  Today he sang/said his first sentence "thats Elmo’s world"

5.  Going out to lunch with a friend(s) at least once a week

6.  TV.  My favorite way to relax.

7.  Email.  If I am home, I check my email at least 10 times a day

8.  Sesame Street.  Thank God for Sesame Street.  Without it I could not check my email or dry my hair.

9.  Church.  I almost left it out.  Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  I love to hear my husband preach.  And I love to worship God in a corporate setting.

10.  A clean house.  I vacuumed tonight at 9 pm.  I had started earlier and was determined to finish.

11.  Ok, one more, Isaiah 43:28-31.

The task I never dreamed of…

Motherhood is not very much like I imagined it would be.  I have wanted to be a mom for as long as I could remember.  I knew in my mind it would be hard but there are some tasks I find myself doing that just never made it into my imagination pre-motherhood.

I just had to take a bleach wipe and clean some of Elijah’s books.  No, I was not being a psycho toy cleaner.  If you recall in a past entry I mentioned that he liked to "read" while sitting on the potty.  Well yesterday morning, he peed in the potty and then stood up.  When I looked in the potty I did not think he was done.  Then before I knew it, he was peeing again, onto the floor, and the book in his hand as well as the book on the floor.  Gross!  I took the books and tossed them in the bathroom sink and went to put a diaper on him.  I just now saw those books in the sink and cleaned them off.

I am sure you have stories like this too.  Things like this make me appreciate my mom a lot more.

Recipe of the Week? Meat Loaf

I recently realized that I said I was going to post a recipe each week.  Oops.  I have had several people tell me that they loved the Mexican Chicken and Dumplings, it has become one of our favorites too.  I was going to post the recipe I use to make fried rice.  This is another easy recipe using a rotisserie chicken.  However, my sister emailed me and asked for our grandmother’s meat loaf recipe.  This is my absolute favorite home cooked meal.  Since I have already typed out the recipe, that is what I am going to share.  Fried rice next week.

I usually serve this with mashed potatoes, green beans and with Sister Shuberts frozen yeast rolls (store brand just as good, they come in a round tin and are really are to die for).  The meat loaf also freezes great (freeze loaf and sauce separately).  So I almost always double the recipe and freeze one.  This is a pretty easy meal to prepare because you can prepare it at any time during the day (nap time) and store it in the fridge until you are ready to cook it.  I also peal my potatoes and have them sitting in water until ready to boil.  Ok, happy cooking!
Meat Loaf
1 pkt Lipton onion soup mix
2lbs ground beef
2 eggs
1 1/2 c bread crumbs
1 1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1/2 can tomato sauce ( I like a little more)
12 oz tomato sauce
1/2 c water
3 tbs red wine vinegar
2 tbs mustard
2tbs Worcestershire
2 tbs brown sugar
Pour sauce over meat loaf.  Bake @ 350 for 1 hour.  Baste while cooking.

Sunday Night

I love Sunday nights.  Now that Elijah only takes one nap, he is so much more fun on Sundays.  We took naps this afternoon and then played tonight.  We got out a few new toys from Christmas that we had saved for a rainy day. 

Elijah is talking so much and it is really fun.  His newest thing is screaming "Wai—–T" when he doesn’t want to do something, like have his diaper changed.  It is frustrating but a lot better than him screaming NO!  We are also starting a new obsession with Mickey Mouse.  He still loves his Sesame Street characters but enjoys some cartoons now too.

Tonight Daddy cooked dinner (eggs and toast) and cleaned up!  What a great husband!

I am excited about the Apprentice tonight. 

I promise to blog more this week than I did last week!

Play Group

I just uploaded the pictures from our play group outing last Friday.  We went to Charlotte at Play.  Once we all got past the disappointment of Frosty the puppet I think the kids had fun.  It was super crowded but overall I think a good place to take your kids.

I love play group.  Here are several reasons why I think every stay at home mom should be in a play group…

1.  Adult conversation

2.  You get to see that your child is not the only one who doesn’t understand the concept of sharing

3.  Adult conversation

4.  You get to see that you are not the only one struggling with ____________

5.   Adult conversation

6.  The kids have a great time

7.  You can learn from each other’s success and mistakes

I think one of the greatest things I have learned from being in a play group is that parenting is a means to an end.  We all have the same goal in mind: to raise responsible, kind, well-rounded, God-fearing adult(s).  Some of us may follow Baby Wise techniques, others may co-sleep with their children until age 6.  Some of us may spank, others don’t.  It doesn’t matter as long as your child grows up to love God and love people.  So most of all I love getting together with a group of women who share a common goal.

Enjoy the pictures!

PS Next week we are meeting at Brandi’s house.  Email me if you want to come!


I wanted to post this last night but our Internet was down.  A few months ago, one of our church members, and a great babysitter of mine, Angela Welch, was telling me that she wanted to start an organizing business.  To which I replied, "Well start with my pantry!"  I didn’t think anything more of it until a few weeks later when Angela gave me a Christmas card with an "organize your pantry" coupon.  So yesterday she came over and did it.  Check out the before and after shots (I think you can click on them to get the full effect)…Pantry_before_1 Pantry_before_2_1 Pantry_after_1 Pantry_after_2

Isn’t that awesome!  We did this for such a low cost too!  I feel so relieved every time I open the pantry door.  Thanks to Angela for doing such a great job.  If you want Angela to help you get organized, email her hwelch@carolina.rr.com.

My sister recently read that you should tackle a mess that needs to be organized as you see it.  You should take 10 minutes to organize a closet the first time something hits you when you open it.  Another tip she read that I wholeheartedly agree with… Never go to bed with out shining your sink.  This doesn’t mean literally, it really just means, do go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.  If you do, makes you so depressed when you wake up in the morning and see it.  If you do the dishes before you go to bed, you wake up with a fresh start (at least in your kitchen).

That reminds me of one of my favorite Bible verses, "This I recall to my mind, therefore I have hope.  The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end.  They are new every morning, great is Your faithfulness." Lamentations 3:21-23

Pizza Hut

We live in a new neighborhood.  This is really nice because we are not handy and a new house suits us well.  However one of the drawbacks to living in a new neighborhood is that technically, we do not exist.  You cannot find us on any maps, paper or electronic.  You can not mapquest directions to our house.

This is really inconvenient when it comes to ordering delivery pizza.  We have lived in our house for a year and four months.  I would say we have ordered at least 25 pizzas from THE SAME PIZZA HUT, and EVERY time they get lost.

You may be wondering why I don’t tell them where I live when I order.  I do, every single time.  Here’s what the conversation sounds like:

Pizza Hut, can you hold please?

Yes, (I wait)

Pizza Hut can I have your phone number?

Yes, (I give it)

Ok, you live on ——– Drive, what would you like to order?

Wait, every time we order you get lost.  I need you to mark on your computer we live in ——— neighborhood and every time your delivery person gets lost…

[They cut me off]

Ok ma’am I’ve got the name of your neighborhood down, what would you like to order. 

No listen, our street is not on a GPS…

[Cut off again]

Ma’am our driver can find it, what would you like to order…

So I order, and by this time the person is thoroughly annoyed with me.  They tell me my pizza will be at my home in 30 minutes.

Inevitably, they take 45 min to an hour!!!  Every time the driver calls and I have to give them directions out of the wrong neighborhood and into my neighborhood.  EVERY TIME!!!  Several times I have called and complained and gotten a credit for my next pizza.

You may have guessed by now that we ordered pizza tonight.  We ordered at 4:45 so that we wouldn’t be starved by the time it got here.  They actually got here pretty fast.  I think it is because I am really good at giving directions from the other neighborhood that they always go to.

You may be wondering why I don’t order from somewhere else… because I want a Pizza Hut pan pizza, cheese only.

There is no point to this entry, I just need to get it off my chest.  Thanks for listening.

PS It is good to have my husband home.