10 Things I love about my pastor (part 2)

October is Pastor Appreciation month and I cannot miss the opportunity to publicly affirm my husband.  He is truly  an amazing man and I wish everyone could know him the way I do.  So here is part 2 of 10 things I love about my pastor.

6.  He is tenacious.  I do not know anyone who refuses to give up more than he does.  Whether he is having a difficult discussion or working on a sermon, he doesn’t stop until he figures out a solution.  This past weekend for example, he told me he had been having a rough time bringing his sermon together.  He had a plan and a good outline but he couldn’t figure out exactly how to express each point. He told me that he came up with the points (the meaning in the mud, the mercy in the mud and the miracle in the mud) at 4:25pm, just 35 minutes before our worship experience begins.

7.  He is generous.  I seriously do not know a person more generous.  On small levels he loves to bless people, whether it is a staff member or a family member or a server at a restaurant.  And on large levels, he has challenged me as we have given big and trusted God on more than one occasion in our marriage.  And he has taught me by example that God cannot fill clenched fists.  I hope our kids turn out to be just like him in this area.

8.  He is not afraid to try something new.  This past summer he started taking tennis lessons (a game he had never really played).  This is not an easy thing to do as an adult.  He is also always trying new routines, new ideas at church, new worship experience times, anything to make improvements.  He has shown me by example that small changes often have the largest results.

9.  He listens to me.  What an amazing blessing it is to be married to a man who listens to me.  If I share my heart with him, he may not agree right away but he always hears me and usually after a few days, I feel like he at least understands where I am coming from.  When he is wrong, he admits it and apologizes.  This is one of the things that makes our marriage so strong.

10.  He is a brilliant leader.  I have never seen someone so able to call out greatness in everyone around him.  He challenges me on a daily basis, but I also see him challenge everyone around him and everyone under his teaching each week.  People are better people because of him and that is not something we can all say for ourselves.  He knows what to say, he knows what not to say and he leads by example.  I have never heard him preach something he does not live out on a daily basis.

There you have it.  My pastor, my man, my baby daddy.