Getting to know people is fun.  My friend, Nicole, has a phobia of vomiting.  My mother will not drink coffee without half and half.  My sister, Emily, always has a piece of gum in her mouth.  My husband likes the small spoon, not the table spoon.  

Today I thought I might share a few things you may not know about me… 

  1. After having Abbey, I no longer like Dr. Pepper anymore.
  2. I love the show Downton Abbey.  I feel like something has finally replaced ER in my heart.
  3. I have always thought myself to be a talkative person.  Turns out I deal with stress by sleeping, not talking.
  4. I have decided our family is going to take up hiking walking.  So far we have been to the Carolina Raptor Center and the trail at a local park.  I got an Ergo Baby so there is no turning back.  My husband doesn't know this but I am plotting a trip to a state park (maybe this Friday).
  5. Although I am a chronically late person, I am doing better about being on time.  Turns out having to be out the door at the same time every day for kindergarten lit a fire under me.
  6. I prefer Instagram to Twitter.  So far there are no meanies on Instagram.
  7. I don't consider myself an avid reader.  I do consider myself an avid collector of books I would like to read.
  8. Most weeks, I only wash my hair 2x a week.
  9. I rarely sweat, even while working out.  This would explain #8.
  10. I know nothing about plants and cannot keep them alive, however, the parsley in my herb garden has managed to live through heat of the summer and the mildly cold winter with no attention whatsoever.  I think it's parsley.

I hope today you will take a second to love the little things about the people closest to you.  Have a great day!